Since 1999 this website deals with prevention of climbing injuries and became the french reference on the subject. Now available in english, we hope that you'll find answer to your questions.

J-W LOUBRIAT - Physio and manual therapist - webmaster


2011 version

K250x250-orange After several months of work, we are pleased to offer you this new version.

This interface, developped by M@tformatique, provides you a more intuitive surf and includes an internal search engine.

80% of the content is now available in english and the 20% left will be as well by the next few weeks.

As for us, the broadcast is far more simple.
Thus, you will get new articles more regularly for the whole sections.

Enjoy your visit, and see you very soon,

Jocelyn-William LOUBRIAT






- En cas de rupture de poulie : que dois-je faire ?

- En cas d'urgence chirurgicale de la main (arrachement digital, rupture de tendon etc...) pour trouvez un centre spécialisé contactez le 0825 00 22 21 ou cliquez ici