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Emergency pulley rupture

poulilesm I think I have just ruptured my pulley. What should I do ?

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What should I do?

I think I have just ruptured my pulley 
Stop climbing and apply cold immediately. If possible, massage your finger with an ice cube. 
Tape the injured finger.

See an orthopedic hand specialist as soon as possible to make a precise diagnosis.

Until the appointment with the specialist, continue to apply cold 3 to 5 times a day and keep the finger taped the rest of the time.

If the diagnosis of partial rupture is made. 
Make an appointment with your physiotherapist and show him the orthopedic treatment protocol for the partial rupture of the pulley.

Do I need to have surgery?
Yes you do, if the rupture is complete or when there is a clear case of persistent pain and/or functional discomfort after the follow-up of the orthopedic treatment during two months.


Decision algorithm according to Pr. MOUTET





- En cas de rupture de poulie : que dois-je faire ?

- En cas d'urgence chirurgicale de la main (arrachement digital, rupture de tendon etc...) pour trouvez un centre spécialisé contactez le 0825 00 22 21 ou cliquez ici