Thumb taping

strap_pouce_5 How to tape a thumb  in sprain case

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Jocelyn-William LOUBRIAT
strap_pouce_1 Bandage a circular base around the wrist with a 4 cm strappal.
strap_pouce_2 With a half-width strip (obtained by tearing the 4 cm strip in 2).
Bind it around the joint at the base of the thumb from the base to the external side of the hand and come back on the inside, to…

... finish on the base again.

The strip comes together behind the joint.
strap_pouce_4 Repeat it by moving the strip forward compared to the previous one.
strap_pouce_5 You can add extra layers depending on the stability you wish to have.

Attention: do not cut off blood circulation!